About us

Talex in Brief


Clearer than the naked eye.


 Talex lenses with Scatter Cut Filter technology are the product of more than forty years of proprietary advances and innovation in optical technology.  At Talex, we don’t manufacture with short-order, high-volume metal mold and press process methods.  At Talex, we are still guided by our singular ideal - “Quality in Vision.”  


Polarization Technology


Talex offers the world’s first and only ‘scatter’ cut filter lenses.  Sensitivity of this degree can only be achieved with hand-crafted production.


To make polarized lenses of startling comfort requires incredible innovation – in this case, our ‘scatter cut’ filtration.  Decades of dedicated research and development have enabled Talex to remove dangerous UV radiation and glare (scatter) while achieving unrivaled visual clarity.  From the various processes that go into scatter cut filtration, to the finished product in the lens frame, it all happens by hand, in Talex’ own factories.


Talex ‘Scatter’ Cut Filter Technology


Talex’ scatter cut filter is a membrane that removes dangerous UV radiation and reflective glare from the field of vision, while providing the perfect clarity and ideal light for comfortable vision.  


Normally, when a common color-dyed membrane is used to filter light, as the dye level is reduced to allow better clarity, so too is the protection from UV radiation and excessive light.


Talex has overcome this challenge in its patented Scatter Cut Filter technology by employing an iodide solution that is extremely effective in cutting out UV rays and scatter, while maintaining crystal clear transparency.   At just 0.03mm thick, this filtering stratum is perfectly melded with the lenses to offer unparalleled vision and comfort.