Talex for each scene

The angler’s particular visual needs are glare control, glint reduction, and the clarity to see through the water’s surface to the shapes below.  Your standard pair of sunglasses with simple light reduction can’t do this. Talex polarized lenses and frames are designed to give the angler optimal control over the visual challenges of sunlight and water. Talex is the world’s only sunglass and lens manufacturer dedicated solely to the production of polarized lenses.  For forty years, Talex has produced lenses free of distortion, blur or red bleed, utilizing proprietary technology to cut out all but the light that is ideal to eye.
Whatever the conditions, bringing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers remains our sole aim.



The joy of a holiday drive with the family.  And then the traffic jam on the freeway!  Inevitably, you begin to tire.  The fatigue is brought on by the unrelenting glare and UV radiation, exacerbated by windshield reflection.  Talex lenses cut out that same ‘scatter’ and radiation, eliminating unwanted glass refection, leaving you with only clarity and color that’s ideal for your eyes – and a refreshing drive, whatever the conditions.
The Talex motoring experience


Designing the right sunglasses for mountaineering presents a special challenge.  The light and UV conditions on high-altitude peaks, ridgelines, snowfields and couloirs are amongst the most challenging and varied of any environment.  When a climber chooses rain and wind protection, or a pair of climbing boots, it is with the utmost attention to the specific demands of the prospective challenge – and so it is with the choice of eye protection.
No single Talex lens is right for every climber.  But Talex offers a range of specialized mountaineering sunglasses to meet the extreme visual demands of this most challenging sport.